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Partner with Digie to deliver personal advice through specialized apps

Digie's AI platform connects consumers to a network of intelligent apps, providing advice personalization and automated app marketing

Business partnership opportunities

Intelligent apps match experts to consumers and deliver personal advice

Travel "In-the-Know"

Pilot MVP completed - Digie Travel gives you recommendations and advice that truly meet your unique travel needs while saving you hours of time-consuming and frustrating research, using expert authors with years of first-hand knowledge of their covered destinations.

Know what the Locals Know

Digie Local is your trusted go-to advisor that knows all about your local area, integrating knowledge from longtime community members  to guide you through the range of local services, businesses, schools, neighborhoods, entertainment, restaurants, activities and events.

Shop "In-the-Know"

When your Digie connects to Digie Mall, it becomes your personal shopping consultant, asking you all the right questions to provide unbiased buying recommendations, purchasing advice, product expectations, and expert opinions relevant to your shopping needs.

Make Wise Health Decisions

Digie Health enables your Digie to be your personal health consultant, keeping current on important health issues, continuously evaluating the latest research and medical advice in order to apply that knowledge to your individual health needs.

Date Wisely

Digie Dates is a personal dating consultant that learns about your past relationships, personal preferences, and unique characteristics to find the right match for you and provides guided digital experiences that foster a mutual understanding of each other’s needs, dreams and desires.

Your Wedding Consultant

Your Digie Wedding advisor will determine what a dream wedding personally means to you and your fiancé, and with first-hand knowledge of venues and services in your area, will then deliver trusted recommendations and advice that save you time and money, while reducing unnecessary stress.

Stay In-the-Know for Your Baby

Your personal Digie Baby consultant guides you through the ups and downs of fertility and conception, trimester monitoring, OBGYN selection, pre-term labor, contraction management, maternal diet, premature delivery, natural childbirth, infant care, breastfeeding, pediatrician selection, and more.

Be a Wise Parent

Digie Parent is your personal parenting advisor that does all the reseach for you. From toddlers to tweens, teens and young adults, Digie Parent has knowledge from trusted parenting experts and professionals that is always up-to-date with current issues and solutions, and is applied to your personal parenting needs.

Make Wise Financial Decisions

Your Digie Finance consultant is always there to help manage your finances, evaluate the pros and cons of financial decisions you need to make, and help you weigh the options available to achieve long term financial security.

Choose Your Next Job Wisely

Digie Jobs is your personal career advisor that learns about your background, skills, interests, experiences and future goals in order to guide you in selecting and starting your career, advancing your current career, or identifying and accomplishing major career changes.

Start with Knowledge

Get the trusted advice and knowledge you need to put your new business on the path to success, saving valuable time and energy associated with researching startup documents, equity arrangements, financing options, and making strategic industry connections.

Make Wise Legal Decisions

Your digital legal advisor is ready to evaluate your personal situation, analyze your legal options, help you understand related law and legal precedents, prepare Pro Se motions, and assist in finding appropriate professional representation that fits your specific needs.

Touch the Future

Digie Eternal lets friends and family consult with your digital representative long after you’ve left this world, giving you a way to provide personal recommendations, advice and opinions that will be relevant and important to future generations.

Live Your Faith

With Digie Faith, your Digie becomes a personal advisor ready to guide you in applying the principals of your faith to the ups and downs of your daily life. Digie Faith listens carefully to your life situations and proactively finds opportunities to apply your faith.

Your Cognitive Assistant

Your personal Digie is transformed into a cognitive assistant that helps you stay mentally fit as you age, in addition to advising you and your family on preparing for the lifestyle changes that will be needed, including physical, emotional and financial changes.

Be Young & In the Know

Digie Youth is a personal digital advisor designed to meet the unique needs of young adults. From middle school, high school to college, Digie Youth knows the issues that young adults deal with every day, and what knowledge and resources they need to best prepare them for the future.

Stay "In-the-Know"

Your personal news reporter continually adapts to changes in your life to bring you news that’s always relevant, as well as news to help you meet your personal goals or that applies to your unique interests, hobbies, activities, and career.

Your Personal Media Advisor

Don't waste time searching through countless channels, reading biased reviews, guessing which books make sense for you to read, wasting money on bad movies, or being late to discover important content, with Digie Guide you’ll always be kept in the know about the vast media and entertainment landscape.

Be a Wise Home-Buyer

Rather than spend hours searching through listings looking for homes that meet your criteria, finding a good realtor, researching local communities, schools, transportation, city services, local taxes, and demographics, Digie Homes will do the hard work for you.

Experience Automotive Wisdom

Digie Auto is your personal automotive advisor with in-depth knowledge of current and past makes and models, and can help you with diagnosing problems, finding replacement parts, recommending local mechanics, to evaluating used vehicles or purchasing a new one.

Partnership benefits

Partner with Digie Inc. to build your specialized digital advisor business

Leverage myDigie knowledge

Networked Digie Apps automatically leverage the knowledge within each user's personal myDigie, enabling Apps to stay focused on adding their unique value.

Shared common knowledge

All Digie Apps share a common knowledge and core reasoning abilities, from which specialized App domain intelligence is enabled.

Conversational experience

Every Digie App automaticlly leverages Digie's conversational AI capabilities to engage consumers while learning their personal interests and needs.

Cross-app marketing and referrals

As users interact with their personal myDigies, they are referred to specific Digie Apps when their digie matches the user's needs to an App's capabilities. 

Multi-channel discovery

Users can discover and communicate with Digie Apps through popular digital channels, including Facebook, Slack, Skype, Siri, Alexa, and Google.

Request a demonstration

Send us a note to request a demonstration of what Digie can do for experts and consumers in your specialized domain.